Linux Part II

Cluster Basics

Grant Brady -

Parallel vs Serial

What is a Cluster?

  • A collection of computers working towards on a task.
  • Our cluster
    • 512 CPU Cores
    • 1888 GB (1.84TB) of RAM
    • 37 Compute nodes
    • Numerous supporting systems

Submitting Jobs

  • qsub
  • Scripts
  • Array Jobs

Viewing the Queue

  • qstat
  • qstatMonitor
  • qstat -t
  • see n

Getting Help

Virtual Tour (Front Left)

Front left of the cluster

Virtual Tour (Front Right)

Front right of the cluster

Virtual Tour (Cluster Nodes)

Some cluster nodes

Virtual Tour (m03 - a.k.a

m03 node

Virtual Tour (Storage)

Some cluster storage

Virtual Tour (Cluster Back)

Back of the cluster