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Sourav Roy

Sourav Roy

Asssistant Professional Researcher


Currently an Assistant Professional Researcher, a UC equivalent of Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) in the department of Entomology, Institute for Integrative Genome Biology and Center for Infectious Disease Vector Research at the University of California, Riverside.
I completed my PhD in Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics from UCR in September 2011, after receiving a Masters in Bioinformatics from the School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington. Before joining the School of Informatics in the Fall of 2004 I worked full time for 4 years as the Corporate Business Head of LCC Infotech Ltd., one of India's largest Software Education and Training companies. I received my first Masters in Zoology with a specialization in Cytogenetics from the University of Kalyani, West Bengal, India and went on to complete a PG Diploma in IT and Management recognized as MBA (Systems) from the All India Management Association, before joining LCC Infotech Ltd.

Research Interests

Gene regulation, Functional Genomics, Sequence Analysis, Motif Discovery, Expression Profiling, Protein-protein interaction, Regulatory Networks, Insect Hormones, miRNAs.

Research Group

Raikhel Lab, Department of Entomology.

Current Research

Expression and Promoter analyses of genes diffrentially expressed during different time points in pre-vitellogenic and vitellogenic periods in Aedes aegypti fat bodies.

Previous Research

A Multidisciplinary Approach for Identifying Stage-specific Transcription Factor Binding Sites in the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen, Phytophthora infestans.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Howard S. Judelson

Prediction of Molecular Properties of Notch-Delta Pathway Proteins Involved in Somitogenesis

Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Santiago Schnell and Dr. Predrag Radivojac


Fall 2017:
Lecturer for "Advanced Bioinformatics" (CSE 550) at the department of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University San Bernardino.

Summer 2017:
Primary Instructor (Lecturer) for "Emerging Diseases and History - from Bubonic Plague to AIDS" (Biol 040) at UC, Riverside.

Fall 2016, Fall 2014 and Fall 2013:
Lecturer for a Developmental Genetics (BCHM 544)graduate course at the Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Spring 2008:
Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Genomics & Bioinformatics (Biol 119) at UC, Riverside.

Spring 2005 and Summer 2005:
Peer instructor for Introduction to programming (with Java) I (CSCI 597) and II (CSCI 598) at IU, Bloomington.

Jan-June semester 2000:
Part-time Lecturer for Database Management and Distributed Processing (ITM 06) at All India Management Association, Calcutta Nodal Center. Number of students 22.

Educational Profile

  • PhD in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics - Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics Graduate Program, University of California, Riverside, Sept, 2011.
  • MS in Bioinformatics - School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington, May, 2006.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology & Management [equivalent to MBA (systems)] - All India Management Association, 2000.
  • M.Sc in Zoology with specialization in Cytogenetics - University of Kalyani, 1998.
  • B.Sc with Honors in Zoology - University of Calcutta, 1996.
  • Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in RDBMS - Software Solution Integrated (Ssi), 1999.
  • Certified Internet Business Strategist - Novell, 2001.
  • Employment Profile

  • Assistant Professional Researcher Step II, Department of Entomology, University of California, Riverside, July, 2015 - to date
  • Assistant Professional Researcher Step I, Department of Entomology, University of California, Riverside, January, 2013 - June, 2015
  • Post Doctoral Research Scholar, Department of Entom ology, University of California, Riverside, October, 2011 - December, 2012.
  • Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Riverside, September, 2007 - September, 2011.
  • Dean's Distinguished Fellow, University of California, Riverside, August, 2006 - August, 2007.
  • Research Assistant - School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington, August, 2004 - May, 2006.
  • Corporate Business Head - LCC Infotech Ltd., July, 2001 - June, 2004.
  • Area Manager - LCC Infotech Ltd., March, 2001 - June, 2001.
  • Center Manager - LCC Infotech Ltd., August 2000 - February, 2001.
  • Publications

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    Awards & Achievements

  • Travel Fellowship Award for an invited lecture at the 3rd Innternational Insect Hormone Workshop. Nasu, Japan, 2017.
  • Entomological Society of America STEP Travel Award, in recognition of entomological merit at the 25th International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, Florida, 2016.
  • Travel Award for Invited Lecture from the Physiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology Section of the Entomological Society of America, 2013.
  • Scholarship Award for Honorable Mention at the GGB Graduate Student Research Symposium, 2010.
  • Klotz Memorial Travel Fund Awards, 2010.
  • UCR-GSA Conference Travel Award, 2010.
  • Oomycete Molecular Genetics Workshop Travel Award (Funded by NSF), 2009.
  • Klotz Memorial Travel Fund Awards, 2009.
  • Best Presentation Award for Oral Presentation at International Society BioTechnology Conference (ISBT-2008) held at Sikkim, India in Dec' 2008.
  • UCR-GSA Conference Travel Award, 2008.
  • IIGB Conference Travel Award, 2008.
  • Graduate Research Assistantship from University of California, Riverside, 2008-2009.
  • Graduate Research Assistantship from University of California, Riverside, 2007-2008.
  • Dean's Distinguished Fellowship Award from University of California, Riverside, 2006-2007.
  • Graduate Research Assistantship and In-state tuition scholarship from Virginia Tech, 2006 - declined.
  • University Graduate Scholarship and University Graduate Assistantship from University of Cincinnati, 2006 - declined.
  • Teaching Assistantship and fellowship from University of California, Merced, 2006 - declined.
  • Research Assistantship from the School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington for 2005 - 2006.
  • Research Assistantship from the School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington for 2004 - 2005.
  • Cleared Test of Employability as Manager conducted by All India Management Association in 2000.
  • Cleared Management Aptitude Test conducted by All India Management Association in 1998.
  • Merit Scholarship from the University of Kalyani in 1997.
  • Other Activities

  • President - GGB-Graduate Student Assosiation, 2009-10.
  • Assistant Secretary - Vivekananda Seva Kendra, 2004-to date.
  • Played First Class Cricket, represented Kalyani University for two consecutive years, 1996-97, 1997-98.
  • Represented Vidyasagar College in inter-college cricket tournaments in 1994-95, 1995-96.
  • Member of National Service Scheme, 1993-1996.
  • Interests

  • Reading, Sports, Dramatics.